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FAQ - WiFi DipCortex

Postby Carl-SolderSplash » Thu Oct 31, 2013 1:00 pm

Led and Button
The boot button and LED are attached to the same port pin P0_1 on the WiFi DipCortex, to use the button set as an input, enable the internal pull up and disable the hysteresis.
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LPC_IOCON->PIO0_1 = (0 | 1<<4 ); // Set as GPIO with pull up
LPC_GPIO->DIR[0] &= ~(1<<1); // Clear BIT1 of the DIR register
While idle the input will read high, when pushed it will be low.

To use the LED set P0_1 as an output, set high to light the LED. A nice trick is to call NVIC_SystemReset() when the button is held in your application, this reboots the processor it see's the button is pressed and goes into boot mode, saving a disconnection.

How do I update the firmware via USB
Hold the button while plugging in the USB connector, a removable drive appears. Delete firmware.bin and copy over your new .bin file. Cycle power and it will boot your code.

Please note : This works for windows and maybe Linux?, for MAC please see these NXP app notes :
http://www.nxp.com/documents/applicatio ... N10986.pdf

High ping times while scanning
If the CC3000 is set to scan for access points the ping times can go up to 1 second over a local network for a second or two. I presume this is while the module is busy jumping channels looking for networks. You can set the scan interval quite short which would give you a very unresponsive connection.

I've found it best to not leave scanning enabled if you want a reliable connection.

Disable AP scanning with the LPCXpresso example
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cc3000 startscan 0

Patching the CC3000's Firmware
As part of our test procedure we update the CC3000's firmware to release package 1.11.1 Service pack version 1.24
Please don't attempt to flash without recording your MAC address as this can be lost if a flash goes wrong.
I would advise normal users to not attempt to reflash the cc3000 at this time unless you are certain you know what your doing.

How do I get started with mbed?
This demo implements USB CDC ( Serial ), lets you control the CC3000 and run a range of tests
http://mbed.org/users/SolderSplashLabs/ ... tchenSink/
Our notebook page lists all of the our mbed projects

I now have a working mbed USB CDC example Next job is to integrate that into the Kitchen Sink Example. Then look at making the library use the ROM stack to save on flash like we do with the LPCxpresso example.

I need windows drivers for the USB CDC
you can find them in this download : http://www.soldersplash.co.uk/docs/DipC ... SB-CDC.zip

USB CDC doesn't work after power cycle
This is a known windows feature. If you have a COM port open and the device disconnects windows holds the COM port open until the software closes the port. You must close a COM port if the device is disconnect before reconnecting the device.

TI CC3000 Links
Errata : http://www.ti.com/lit/er/swrz044b/swrz044b.pdf

I want to use the DipCortex with my own board
Awesome, to help you out we have started an eagle module, which you can find here : https://github.com/SolderSplashLabs/DipCortex-Eagle

Can I use a debugger/jtag?
Yes all dipcortex's have a 10way connector that provides access to the LPC's SWD debug pins. You can use this with many SWD debuggers, like the LPC Link with LPCXpresso. Debuggers give you the ability to pause and inspect variables and aid tracking down hard to find problems.

Does USB3 work?
Uncertain, I have had issues with USB3 in the past with the LPC's, currently I would not recommend USB3. Feedback welcome

I've made a small change to the example project on mbed and now It doesn't enumerate as a USB CDC
This is a strange issue I have seen with mbed, i have found that using "Compile All" fixes the issue

Websocket test doesn't work
Check that mbed's websocket server is up http://sockets.mbed.org/
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