LPCXpresso 7 - Improved Compiler

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LPCXpresso 7 - Improved Compiler

Postby Carl-SolderSplash » Sun Mar 02, 2014 11:11 pm

NXP have released LPCXpresso 7


Major new release with features including:
  • Support for latest NXP MCUs
  • New release of the GNU compilers – v4.8.3.
  • Includes new ‘general’ optimization level, -Og. This new optimization level, aims at providing fast compilation, a superior debugging experience and reasonable runtime performance.
  • Adds Link Time Optimization (LTO). This allows all the different compilation units that make up a single executable to be optimized as a single module (not suitable for debugging).
  • Inclusion of a new small-footprint variant of the Newlib C and C++ library, known as NewlibNano. Use of this library can result in significantly smaller code size, especially of C++ applications.
  • [Note that further details on the use of these new options can be found in the compiler documentation that is provided in the IDE help system.]
  • New release of the base Eclipse IDE – Kepler (v4.3).
  • The Managed Linker script mechanism has been extended to support the features of new GNU compiler.
  • 'New project' wizards can now invoke import wizards directly to allow importing of library projects required in creating of new project.

These optimisations may help squeeze in an offline version of mbed, let us know if you see an improvement!
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