Keil UVision

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Keil UVision

Postby Carl-SolderSplash » Thu Dec 12, 2013 11:30 pm

Keil UVision has a free version available but is limited to 32KB of flash.
You can get it here :

To use keil uvision with a DipCortex M0/M3 you will need a couple of flash algorithm files, these can be found in this NXP download : ...

The .flm files need to be copied to your \Keil\ARM\Flash directory

When setting up your debugger connection SWD must be used, this is under the "Port" setting, select "SW"
The programming algorithm needs to be selected under the Debugger settings > Flash Download. Click add and the Select LPC11xx.. 64k for M3 & wifi or LPC11.. 32k for M0
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