Board dimension

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Board dimension

Postby bonitusb » Thu Jul 24, 2014 12:34 am


i want to mount my Wifi DipCortex board on a PCB.
I need to know the dimension of the board and Pin distances.

When can i obtain the mechanical drawing of the board?

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Re: Board dimension

Postby Carl-SolderSplash » Sat Jul 26, 2014 11:53 am

Hi replied via email as I saw that first, for others ...

The DipCortex Range are based around the idea of being able to replace 40pin DIP devices so they have the same pin spacing.

row spacing is 15.24mm and Pin to Pin spacing is 2.54mm

heres a mechcanical drawing for a typical 40pin dip : ... -600a1.pdf

Our Github page here :

Also has a PCB module for both the DipCortex M0/M3 and WIFI with a board outline
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